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Establishing a viable QA methodology customized for your industry
Genovese Software QA Consulting, LLC Services
Establishing a QA discipline within the software/system development life cycle (SDLC)
Establishing required test levels and coverage customized for your industry
Identifying a QA methodology based on the proven industry "risk-based" error detection model and process from functional level testing through user acceptance and post-deployment testing.  Identifying required QA metrics to gauge error detection efficiency across test cycles and production readiness.  Identifying industry standard tools and technologies required to effectively implement the QA methodology.  Identifying a QA management and reporting structure essential for success (embracing both on-shore and off-shore alignment and resources).  Aimed at achieving highest product quality levels.
At Genovese Software QA Consulting, LLC, much care is taken to provide customers high quality QA consulting services personalized for their unique needs.

My firm provides a variety of  QA consulting services including but not limited to:
​Identifying the level of involvement, dependencies and responsibilities of QA within and across each SDLC phase (both agile and waterfall).  Identifying all concurrent QA tasks from requirements development through deployment.  Identifying the test maturity key process areas (KPAs) required across the SDLC to take QA from ground floor to repeatable to a credible quality management discipline.  Aimed at achieving highest product quality levels.
Identifying all required pre-production testing from development to product deployment:  functional, regression, systems end-to-end integration, automation, installation, security, performance and user acceptance testing to ensure optimal risk mitigation.  Identifying correct and customized processes and reviews for each required test level (from test planning to test case development to test execution and evaluation summary reporting).  Identifying QA estimation techniques and standard.  Aimed at achieving highest product quality levels.